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1934 Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta C, another...

The Super Ikonta C was a high end medium format, coupled rangefinder camera that was produced in Germany from the 1933 to 1955 by Zeiss-Ikon. It was a long lived successful design and it’s well respected for its excellent performance. A properly serviced and adjusted Super Ikonta is a joy to use and has been a great photographic companion to many photographers around the globe. This camera is a wonderful example of one of the designs that marked the high point of European camera design for the pre-war era.

The photos here were taken with a 1934 6x9 Super Ikonta C which we had the pleasure of having in the shop. The current owner hails from California and he was kind enough to share his photos with us.  Copyright 2019 Kris Janowicz. All rights reserved.

These photos were taken in Santa Barbara. Here’s what he says about them:

“I am attaching three images… These are 2-4 minute exposures at F22 and F32 with Portra 160 (the only film I had taken out of the fridge in time). Please note that Portra 160 is heavily affected by reciprocity failure so it is not the ideal emulsion for these motives exposure-wise.

They are very compressed to avoid sending you huge files. The original images are substantially better. I hope you will enjoy them. Thanks again, Kris.”