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Super Ikonta A

The 6x4.5 Super Ikonta A is a very compact camera and only slightly larger than a 1930’s 35mm Kodak Retina. It’s particularly well suited to some one who really wants to travel as light as possible. This one really does fit easily into a jacket pocket and it would probably be my first choice if I could have only one classic medium format folder. The early versions had a slightly wider 3.5/7cm (70mm) lens and later versions had a 3.5/7.5cm (75mm) lens. It was offered with a Novar (an excellent three element lens) and the highly regarded Tessar (a four element design). Both lenses function well but the Tessar shows an advantage in corner sharpness when you do big enlargements. The Super A will produce sixteen 6x4.5 exposures on a single roll of film.