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About Us

Petrakla Classic Camera Service has been in business for well over 20 years and we’re specialized in selling freshly serviced, quality vintage cameras from the 1920’s, 30's and 40's. Our cameras are ready for immediate use, all you’ll have to do is load film into them and shoot. Our cameras have been sold to collectors, fine art photographers, and artists around the world. Additionally we’ve also sold our cameras to documentary film makers and WWII reenactors who wish to work with period correct gear.

Because we’re located in northern Europe, we have access to some of the best examples of quality vintage cameras on the planet. Prior to the second world war, Germany was the undisputed world leader in optical design and camera production. These cameras were originally quite expensive and because of this awareness, European families have a long tradition of cherishing and taking care of their cameras. Now, eighty years after many of them were produced, we invest considerable time and effort in hunting down and acquiring the finest vintage cameras we can find.

When these cameras  arrive at our facilities, they are carefully inspected for defective or missing parts. When necessary we have a modest inventory of authentic vintage parts and these are used to repair or complete the new arrivals. After this they’re carefully cleaned, serviced and adjusted. This is a time consuming activity and often requires extensive dis-assembly, reassembly, patience and expertise.

Because of all the work involved, we never have a very large selection of cameras on our site at any one time. However if you visit our site regularly you’ll see that newly serviced cameras are introduced regularly as they become available. Naturally we present extensive series of photos and descriptions, so that clients know exactly what they’re buying.

This business grew naturally out of our own interest in collecting and using vintage cameras. After many years of collecting, we were all too familiar with all the various problems and disappointments you commonly encounter in vintage cameras. To put it simply, most of them just didn’t work properly, if they worked at all... So out of necessity we rolled up our sleeves and began repairing them ourselves, initially for our own collection and then occasionally for others. Then a bit over fifteen years ago, we opened our own business and since then we’ve sold our serviced cameras to countless happy buyers all over the world.

While it is true that it’s possible to buy an un-serviced  vintage camera for less, it certainly won't be better... More often than not, it won't work properly. That doesn't have to be a problem if you're mechanically inclined but if you're not, then you'll have to find some one who is. Unfortunately finding someone who has the parts & experience to service an eighty year old camera can prove to be difficult. As a result, a "bargain" camera can often cost you more time, effort, postage and money.


Greetings Peter & Petra