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‘Old Standard’ Rolleiflex 1932-1938

 Film loading instructions


  1. Open back.
  2. Depress small black lever to raise the spring cover and insert a fresh roll of film into this space.
  3. Insert beginning of the paper backing into the slot of the film take up spool which is driven by the wind lever.
  4. Use the fold out wind lever to wind the backing paper of the new film onto the spool.
  5. Stop winding when the index marker (a long line or arrows pointing at the edges on the backing paper is perfectly in line with the first chrome roller near the fresh roll of film.
  6. Close back.
  7. Fully wind the film advance lever from the very start to the very end, six full times.
  8. Return this lever back to its rest position and fold it so that the knob returns into the hole.
  9. Push the small counter reset button (located just above the wind lever), the counter will come to rest at number 1 position.
  10. You are now ready to use the camera.
  11. The next full stroke of the film advance lever will advance the film the correct amount and move the counter to the next exposure number.
  12. This is of course a 6x6 camera so you will get 12 exposures on 120 roll film.
  13. After the last shot, wind the lever back and forth until you can hear the paper backing flap as you do this.
  14. It is now safe to remove the exposed film.

Good Luck!

Peter and Petra