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Super Ikonta A B C basics

First introduced in the about 1934 Super Ikontas were well made, very popular and were produced until the end of the 1950’s. They were always expensive “high end” cameras and as such were generally bought new by affluent individuals and professionals. For all intents and purposes there are really only three basic Super Ikonta models which can be used today with easy to find 120 roll film.  (Available at the better camera shops that do business with professional photographers but you can of course order film via the internet.)

All the Super Ikontas have a built in coupled rangefinder that never leaves you guessing about the distance or the focus.

The three Super Ikontas models we’re discussing here all use 120 film but produce different sized formats, so if you’re interested in purchasing a Super Ikonta it’s good to familiar yourself with the different models.

The Super Ikonta A is 6x4.5, the B is 6x6 and the C is 6x9 (and if it’s complete with its rare original reduction mask, it’s also capable of 4.5x6).

You should also be aware that there was a “D” model. It looks identical to the Super Ikonta C but is just slightly larger and has a 120mm lens (rather than a 105mm lens). Unless you like experimenting and tinkering, you’ll seriously want to avoid this model because it has a larger format and the 616 film film it needs is obsolete.  

(Additionally there was also the postwar “Super Ikonta” III and IV. Since they have different historical roots they are not covered in this article.)