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Zeiss Ikon Panflex Reflex Housing for Contax IIa & IIIa


Zeiss Ikon Panflex Reflex Housing for Contax IIa & IIIa

$ 175.00 USD

Sorry, camera and lens NOT included

 In this listing we have a lovely accessory that was produced by Zeiss-Ikon in Stuttgart Germany for your postwar Contax. It was designed for the Contax IIa or IIIa camera but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work with the earlier prewar Contax cameras. (I’ve test fitted it to a Contax II & III and there didn’t appear to be any issues.)     

 This interesting accessory basically turns the Contax rangefinder camera into a SLR camera and focus is done visually through the eyepiece. Fun to play with, cool to look at but not necessarily convenient, especially since it was primarily meant to be used for close up work. Here’s a link for more info and I’m sure you can find even more with a quick search on the internet:

 All in all a fun, quirky accessory and maybe just what you’re looking for to complete your collection. It comes with case, the release cable and front and rear caps (not shown).    

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