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Superb Rollei 35 LED camera, Freshly Serviced! CLA'd


Superb Rollei 35 LED camera, Freshly Serviced! CLA'd

$ 150.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use

Everyone should have a small black camera. Everyone should have a camera that clicks instantly when you push the shutter button. And everyone should have a clean, lean classic design icon.

I just gave you three good reasons to buy, own and use a Rollei. Good looks, great performance and a classic design. Some of you recognize the Rollei 35. Some of you actually know what it is. But have you ever handled one? Ever use one? If you haven’t you’re missing out on something. They’re great... in a small way.

Think of it as a small camera with an attitude. A camera that pushed the design envelope downwards to the smallest possible size that would still take a standard roll of 35mm film. It’s a quality classic camera that’s a pleasure to use. If you haven’t seen a Rollei before you may want to take a peek at the photos. It’s so small, quiet and inconspicuous that you’ll never have a reason to leave at home. (Think of it as hand-held light meter that’s also your back up camera and you’ll understand why many people consider it the perfect companion to a classic camera.)

This Rollei was produced from 1978-1980 and it’s in excellent condition with only very light signs of use. (Please see photos.) Internally it’s just as clean and I doubt that more than a dozen rolls of film has ever gone through this camera. The lens is clean & clear with no separated elements, haze, crystallization or other problems and it’s capable of producing lovely photos on modern color and b&w films.

The black lacquer and satin chrome is very lovely. The coupled light-meter and LED display works well. (Three lights that indicate under, over and correct exposure.) All shutter speeds are appropriate. The camera has a hot shoe, which of course means you can use a normal electronic flash. It’s been tested and the flash will fire correctly at any selected shutter speed. (This is of course a very convenient feature for fill flash) 

All in all, a lovely little camera. A photographic companion ready to follow you anywhere.

It comes complete with a black case & removable wrist strap. (Also included is the worn original box and instructions if you want them.)

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