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Superb, Fast,Vivitar f1.9/35mm M42 mount lens - Vivitar- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Superb, Fast,Vivitar f1.9/35mm M42 mount lens

$ 195.00 USD

A very desirable cult classic lens.

Camera NOT included.

This very fast 35mm lens was sold under various labels such as Vivitar, Kiron and are now loved as quality, cult classic lenses. Fast, sharp and expensive when new, they were designed to compete with offerings from the OEM lenses produced by the major camera manufacturers. Various tests and reviews have verified that they perform exceptionally well. Many of these lenses are quite fast and the various focal lengths are very appealing to photographers.

 The lens in this listing is the popular Vivitar f1.9/35mm in Pentax screw mount (also referred to as M42 mount). It’s a great mount which works well with all the easily available adaptors that allows it to work with countless other film and digital cameras.

 It comes complete with front & rear caps.

 This lens is in excellent condition. (Please see photos) The focusing works smoothly. The diaphragm is clean, oil free and it snaps open and closed as it should. (It also has a convenient auto and manual setting for aperture.) The glass is virtually like new. There are no scratches or cleaning marks. There are no separated elements, hazing, crystallization, fungus and it’s capable of producing lovely photos.

 All in all, a very useful, very fast 35mm lens

 In case you’re interested. Here’s an old but useable review on this lens

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