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Superb! 80mm Nikkor lens for the Nikon Nikonos - Nikonos- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Superb! 80mm Nikkor lens for the Nikon Nikonos

$ 145.00 USD

This is an 80mm lens for the Nikon Nikonos cameras produced by Nikon in the 1980’s. These cameras work beautifully above and beneath the water, use 35mm film and accept interchangeable lens and feature autoexposure.

This 80mm Nikkor lens is in beautiful condition.  It was designed to work both above and under water. Everything functions as it should. The glass is clean, clear and scratch free. The focus and aperture adjustments work smoothly and it’s capable of producing beautiful photos.

It comes complete with the original Nikon box and packaging materials. Also included is an original accessory viewfinder and case.  

This lens is designed for the Nikonos IV-A and V. I don’t know if it will fit the earlier versions.

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