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Original Mentor Mentorett leather camera case - Mentor- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Original Mentor Mentorett leather camera case

$ 115.00 USD

Camera not included.

The Mentor Mentorett camera is a rare twin lens reflex camera produced in circa 1936 in Dresden Germany by the Mentor Kamerafabrik Goltz & Breutmann. The outstanding feature of this cameras is that it was one of the very few TLRs that featured a focal plane shutter.

My information indicates that in total only about 55,000 were produced. Evidently very few of them have survived to the present day and they are considered rather rare. Rare enough fact that I don’t recall ever seeing one in real life. (And I’ve been collecting cameras for more decades than I care to admit.)

In this listing we have a rare original brown leather case, with the name ‘Mentorett’ embossed onto it.

Overall the length of the case is approximately 15.5 cm long. It’s in excellent condition especially considering it’s 85 years old. The leather is in good shape and has an attractive patina. The stitching is in good shape too, as is the leather strap that comes with it.

All in all, an excellent camera case if you’re lucky enough to own this camera

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