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Near Mint! Olympus O Product, a lovely 35mm Post-Modern Cult Camera. - Olympus- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Near Mint! Olympus O Product, a lovely 35mm Post-Modern Cult Camera.

$ 295.00 USD

If you’ve seen our items before you’ll know that we service and sell fine prewar cameras such as Contax, Leica, Super Ikonta, Bessa RF, Rolleiflex and more. Personally I love all of these cameras but as a collector I’m also interested in other brands and models as well. Frankly a collectible camera doesn’t always need to cost a small fortune to be enjoyable. There are some modestly priced collectibles that will deliver interesting results and a lot of fun. With this in mind, let me introduce you to a real cult camera and a future classic… it’s called the Olympus Prod O.

 Reflecting the cutting edge design ethos of the 1980’s, this camera was introduced in 1988. It’s a 35mm auto-everything camera with class. Comparing it to historically significant cameras, it’s obvious that the designer departed from nearly all the preconceptions of what a camera should look like. It’s a lovely design and truly in the post-modern spirit of 1980’s industrial design.  It was only produced for a limited production run of 20.000 units but Olympus sold each and every one of them to eager buyers despite a high asking price. In fact it’s said that the first 16,000 of them were sold before they even left the factory! Easy on the eye and certain to receive pleasant comments from people who see it, this camera is simply a lot of fun to use. And we all deserve some fun...

 It comes with an original box, packaging, electronic flash, strap & paperwork.

 There are indications that the Olympus O is now becoming hard to find, as users and collectors are snapping them up. So here’s your chance to get one of your own. Get it before it’s gone. Otherwise in a few years… it’ll be a case of could have, should have, gotten one.   

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