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Near Mint! Canon 1.2/55mm FL lens - Canon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Near Mint! Canon 1.2/55mm FL lens

$ 245.00 USD

Recently I’ve been going through my personal collection and I came across this lens. I’ve always been fond of fast 50mm lenses because of their versatility with film. However I also enjoy using them with an adapter on my current crop of Fujifilm mirrorless digital cameras. By doing so, this particular lens effectively becomes a f1.2/80mm lens and what’s not to love about that! 

That said, I have more camera and lenses than time and in a rare display of ‘common sense’ (i.e. I need more room in my display cases) I’ve decided to part with this lovely lens.

This very fast, 1.2/55mm Cannon lens has been well cared for and has been in a collection for many year. It's made of quality metal rather than plastic and it's in beautiful condition. The glass and coating is near perfect and looks like new. It’s clean, clear and there are no scratches or cleaning marks. The aperture blades are super clean and snappy. Focus is smooth. This magnificent lens has only been used on rare occasions. Personally, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better example.

There’s nothing else to say about it other than if you’ve been looking for one of these, then you’ve just found it. Congratulations, I think you’re going to fall in love with it.

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