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Superb 1930’s Graflex! Medium Format 6x9 SLR Camera, 120 Roll-film - Graflex- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Superb 1930’s Graflex! Medium Format 6x9 SLR Camera, 120 Roll-film

$ 545.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use!

Leica NOT included


The Graflex Reflex is an iconic camera and it was a favorite photographic companion for legendary photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand and Dorothea Lange. Of the latter, Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother” which she shot with a Graflex Reflex in 1936 while recording images of the great depression, is regarded as a modern icon in its summation of the endured hardships.



The Graflex Reflex was first produced in 1898 in New York and in the following decades it became a popular and powerful tool among professional photographers. It was produced in various large formats including 5x7, 4x5, 3¼×4¼ inch. Dorothea Lange used a 4x5 model for her “Migrant Mother” photo.

The camera in this listing is the slightly smaller 3¼×4¼ version which has identical handling and operational characteristics in a smaller and more manageable camera. Combined with the 6x9 roll-film back, which uses normal 120 film, this Graflex is an excellent choice for anyone interested in historical photography. It requires a patient and deliberate touch but in return it will give you a first hand insight what it was like to work with these world class cameras. It will also reward you with a lot of enjoyment and lovely photos, if you have what it takes.

This freshly serviced camera is a “RB” model which features a convenient rotating back capable of being quickly and easily set to a portrait or landscape orientation. This camera was produced by the Folmer Graflex Corporation in Rochester New York, from 1923 to 1942. As to be expected of an expensive, finely crafted camera, it’s fitted with an equally fine lens, the No.32 Kodak Anastigmat f4.5/ 6 3/8 inch (161mm) which was one of Kodak’s highest quality lenses of the period. The serial number of the lens which only has six digits (and no preceding code letters) indicates that it was produced prior to 1940. We're not sure of its exact date but most likely the lens and the camera was produced in the mid-1930s.

The camera is missing its folding lens shade but other than it’s in exceptionally fine condition and appears to be completely original. (Please see photos.) It really is lovely for an 80 year old camera! Additionally because servicing prewar cameras is our specialty, this one’s been Cleaned, Lubricated and Adjusted . This camera has a focal plane shutter which is nearly identical to the famous Speed Graphic Press camera, so if you know how to use one of them, you’ll have no problems operating this one. The curtains are in good condition, the shutter fires smoothly and the various controls function correctly. The bellows are supple and light tight. The lens is exceptionally clean. There are no separated elements, crystallization, haze, or problems. It's free of scratches or polishing marks and is capable of producing beautiful photos with modern color and B&W films.

All in all, a fine, enjoyable vintage camera. Ready to use and complete with a 6x9 roll film back. If you’ve been looking for a Graflex Reflex, then you may just have found your new photographic companion. Load it with your favorite film and enjoy creating timeless art.

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