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6x6 Zenza Bronica SQ complete with 80mm lens & 120 film back.


6x6 Zenza Bronica SQ complete with 80mm lens & 120 film back.

$ 495.00 USD

This is a Zenza Bronica SQ medium format SLR camera. It produces 6x6 exposures on normal 120 roll-film. It’s considered a modern day cult classic and a lot of fans enjoy using them. It’s considered an excellent alternative to a Hasselblad because the excellent interchangeable Bronica lenses have an excellent reputation and are significantly less expensive than their Zeiss counterparts.

The Zenza Bronica lenses feature electronically controlled Seiko leaf shutter with a range of 8 seconds – 1/500th. Furthermore the camera accepts interchangeable film backs. (The backs can be changed mid roll if desired.) The Bronica SQ is designed as a 6x6 format camera but it's also capable of producing 6x4.5 negatives when fitted with a 6x4.5 back. (Further information, as well as free online instruction manuals in English are easily available on the internet.)

This camera was traded in for one of our vintage cameras by a photographer who wanted something smaller and lighter. We’re selling it “as is” and un-serviced. That said, we have examined it carefully. It has obvious signs of use but is fully functional. The excellent Zenzanon-S 2.8/80mm lens is clean and clear. The shutter speeds are appropriate and the focus is smooth. The interchangeable focus screen has scuffs but is serviceable. The unmetered prism is clean internally and gives a good viewfinder image. 

All in all, a useful and enjoyable medium format SLR camera.


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