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1953 “Red scale“ 3.5/50mm Leitz Elmar Lens


1953 “Red scale“ 3.5/50mm Leitz Elmar Lens

$ 395.00 USD

For Leica screw mount bodies.

This is a coated 3.5/50mm Elmar lens which can be used on all Leica screw mount bodies as well as Canon, Bessa and other rangefinder cameras. Additionally it can also be used on the Leica M models and modern mirrorless digital cameras if you have a suitable adapter. 

This version is the “red-scale” f3.5/50mm Elmar which featured a slight redesign to accommodate newer glass which became available in the postwar period.  The red-scale Elmar is the final version of this lens produced by Leitz and it's generally regarded by collectors as the best of the classic 3.5/50mm screw mount lenses. It fits all the leicas from the 1930's, 40's and 50's and it's an excellent choice when you want a bit more contrast and a brighter color rendition.

The serial number 1088577 indicates that it was produce in Germany by Leitz in 1953. The lens is in excellent condition. Focus and aperture adjustments operate smoothly. The glass is clean and clear. There are no scratches, just some very light cleaning wisps and it’s capable of producing lovely photos on modern color and B&W films

All in all, a wonderful compact lens with that special Leica character that will perfectly compliment your camera.

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