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1936 BEIER RIFAX 6x9 & 6x4.5 Coupled Rangefinder, Freshly Serviced! - Beier- Petrakla Classic Cameras


1936 BEIER RIFAX 6x9 & 6x4.5 Coupled Rangefinder, Freshly Serviced!

$ 375.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use

This is the rather difficult to find Beier Rifax rangefinder camera. It was produced in 1936 in by the Beier Kamera Fabrik in Freital Germany. The Rifax was popular with photographers of the period because it was compact and its coupled rangefinder made focusing quick and easy. The 50mm wide base coupled rangefinder never left photographers guessing about the distance or the focus.

A nice feature of the Refax is that the lens and shutter moves together as a unit when focusing. This provides better lens performance (especially up close) than the more common “front cell focus” in which only the front element is turned in or out This features of this camera combined make it popular with both collectors and users. Because of the relatively low production numbers and the fact that very few survived WWII and all the following decades, the Rifax will always remain a desirable and elusive camera.

This camera is in excellent condition. Additionally it’s been carefully Cleaned, Lubricated and Adjusted. The bellows are supple and completely light tight. The view finder and rangefinder works as it should. is very clean and clear.

It comes complete with a rare 6x4.5 reduction mask This of course allows this camera to produce two different formats (6x9 or 6x4.5).

The quality Compur shutter works smoothly and all the speeds (T,B & 1 sec -1/250th) are appropriate. It has a sync flash connector. Originally this would have been for flashbulbs however it’s been adjusted and tested and now works with a normal electronic flash. The flash will fire correctly at any desired shutter speed. (This is of course very convenient for flash fill.)

The Rodenstock 3.8/105mm Trinar lens, is a classic three element design based on the classic Cooke triplet. A design that’s very popular lens because of the lovely sharpness, rendering and bokeh. The lens is exceptionally clean and looks virtually new. There are no scratches or cleaning and it’s capable of producing very lovely photos with modern color and B&W films.

All in all, an enjoyable classic camera. Load it with your favorite film and keep it handy for that perfect shot you’ve been looking for. You know the one... the one with the perfect Ansel Adams light breaking through the dark storm clouds that leaves you wishing that you had a classic medium format camera with you...

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