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1935 Zeiss-Ikon Super Nettel (236/24), CLA'd, Freshly Serviced! - Zeiss-Ikon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


1935 Zeiss-Ikon Super Nettel (236/24), CLA'd, Freshly Serviced!

$ 595.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use!

This is a Zeiss-Ikon Super Nettel which was produced in Germany in 1935. It is a high quality, 35mm rangefinder camera. This camera was Zeiss-Ikon's first attempt to directly compete with the specifications of the Leitz Leica II. The lovely Super Nettel offered a coupled rangefinder which made focusing quick and easy, an advanced focal plane shutter with metal curtains which were impervious to developing leaks or holes, a wider range of shutter speed settings (B, 1/5th -1/1000th ) and very convenient controls. All of these advanced features were integrated into a very solid die cast alloy body, wrapped in top quality Moroccan leather and finished off in Art Deco inspired and black lacquer and nickel plated trim. It was quite expensive when it was new. Unlike other Art Deco cameras from this period (such as the Kodak Bantam special which uses obsolete 828 film), this Super Nettel uses normal 35mm film. This of course means that it’s easy to use and enjoy today.

The controls are especially sophisticated and it features one knob to advance the film, cock the shutter and it can also be used to select the shutter speeds. (This arrangement was later used in the Contax II.) The shutter of the Super Nettel is a work of art with lovely brass gears and utilized two metal shutter curtains, which means that there will never be a problem with torn, wrinkled or pin holed curtains.

It was a brilliant design but unfortunately the camera was offered for sale at the height of the 1930’s depression. Sales were down and it languished due to its high price, completion from other manufactures, as well as being upstaged by its larger brother, the Zeiss Ikon Contax I. In 1937, after only some 12,000 units were produced, the Super Nettel production was halted.

The Super Nettel is popular with collectors, photographers with a historical interest and WWII reenactors. It’s capable of excellent performance and gives an excellent insight as to what it was like to work with very early 35mm cameras in the 1930's. The limited production the Super Nettel means that they will always be very desirable, sought after cameras. Clean, fully functional cameras are cherished and difficult to find.

In order to insure that this camera will continue to give you many years of enjoyment, it has been carefully cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. It has also been fitted with new curtain ribbons. Everything works as it should. The shutter fires smoothly and all shutter speeds are appropriate. The coupled rangefinder has yellowed with the passing years (originally it would have been clear) but it still produces a useable image that makes focusing quick and easy. The viewfinder is clean and clear. The bellows are in excellent condition and are completely light tight.

The lens is a Carl Zeiss 3.5/50mm Zeiss Triotar. It’s a classic lens that features three elements in three groups. The lens is known for its lovely rendering and bokeh. It produced photos with a very attractive, rounded look and it was very popular in Europe. This lens is very and clear. There are no scratches, no cleaning marks. There are no separated elements, crystallization or other problems and it’s capable of producing lovely photos with modern and black & white films.

An important detail is that the serial number of the camera body (Y62741) and the removable back match. This of course indicates that the camera is still complete with its original back.

All in all, a significant and enjoyable prewar camera. Perfect for photographers with a historical interest who want to experience what it was like to work with a 35mm camera in the 1930’s. Load it with your favorite film and take it with you the next time you’re out and about…

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