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Quality medium format cameras with coupled rangefinders

After you’ve worked for with various 35mm cameras for a few years it’s not uncommon to become interested in classic medium format photography. The interest can be kindled for a variety of ways but often starts gently and grows over time. For some it starts with the desire to work in a format that has always had a noticeably richer look. For others there is the desire to slow down the creative process, to concentrate on a few truly great photos rather than many shots that are easily taken and easily forgotten. And a final select group appreciates this classic format because of its historical significance and because it fits in with their interest in camera design and art history.

The same thing happened to me many years ago when I was still an art student... I loved art and photography. Eventually I wanted a bigger format that would give me a smoother, richer tonal range. At the time I couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on a camera and more importantly I didn’t want to haul a heavy load of backs, bodies and lenses around with me. I like things simple… and light. There’s no point in owning a Hasselblad or a 6x7 Pentax if it’s at home in a drawer because of the weight. Eventually I discovered that the best camera for me was the one that I could always have with me.

Medium format folders, especially with a coupled rangefinder, gave me what I needed. Now I say, who says medium format cameras needs to be bulky or heavy. The point is, if you have something to say, something to show, something to share, a medium format folder can do it in a very convincing way. Hold it steady, use it with care and the results can be breathtaking.

So, have you been thinking about a classic medium format camera with a coupled rangefinder? One that you can easily slip into an unused corner of your camera bag? A camera that will maintain its value for years and years to come? And in all likelihood increase in value rather than loose it? And most important of all, a camera that will deliver outstanding photo’s....? Well, then you may want to look at the classic Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta series.