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New photos in the gallery with photos taken with cameras sold by us!

1936 Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta A

The Super Ikonta A is a high-end medium format, coupled rangefinder camera that produces sixteen 6x4.5 negatives on 120 roll film. Small, elegant and pocketable, this camera was produced in Germany from the 1934 to 1956 in various models. It was a very successful design and it’s well respected for its excellent performance. A properly serviced and adjusted Super Ikonta is a joy to use and has been a favorite photographic companion for many photographers around the globe. This camera was one of the designs that marked the high point of European camera development for the pre-war era.

Here are some sample photos taken with a 1936 Super Ikonta A which we had the pleasure of servicing. The current owner hails from Canada and was kind enough to share his photos with us. These photos were taken on Kodak 100 Ektar film during a cruise ship vacation. Copyright 2023 Patrice Bouchard. All rights reserved.

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