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Near Mint! Olympus 35 SP, Fast 1.7/42mm Zuiko Lens


Near Mint! Olympus 35 SP, Fast 1.7/42mm Zuiko Lens

$ 395.00 USD

A cult classic camera, 35mm Coupled Rangefinder

If you’ve seen our auctions before you’ll know that we service and sell prewar Contax rangefinders, Ikontas, Super Ikontas and other classic cameras. I love using these cameras but as a collector I’m also interested other brands and models as well. Frankly, classic cameras don’t always need to cost a small fortune to be enjoyable. There are some modestly priced collectables that will deliver great results and a lot of fun. Some of what I’m talking about could be called cult cameras because of their popularity.

The Olympus series of 35mm rangefinder cameras is a good example. These are extremely well built 35mm cameras with a coupled rangefinder and very high quality lenses. With the renaissance of rangefinder cameras many people are rediscovering the Olympus rangefinder cameras and this Olympus-35 SP is considered the very best of the bunch.

The outstanding features of the Olympus-35 SP is its superb lens and excellent viewfinder. This camera is fitted with an outstanding f1.7/42mm Zuiko lens which many photographers claim that this is the perfect focal length because it perfectly matches how the human eye views the world. If 35mm is slightly too wide and 45mm is slightly too long, that makes this Zuiko f1.7/42mm the perfect Goldie-locks lens with a focal length that’s just right. 

This camera is in near mint condition and comes from my personal collection. However I should mention that although the shutter runs very smoothly, the slowest two speed are a bit slow due to lack of use. (I hand hold all my shots and rarely ever use 1 sec & ½ sec.) Other than that it’s a truly beautiful cameras. The lens is perfect, the viewfinder is clean, the rangefinder image is easy to see and focus is smooth and easy and it’s capable of producing excellent results with modern color and B&W films.  It works very well but if for any reason you’re not happy with it we will happily refund the purchase price and put it back into my collection.

It comes complete with an original camera case and shoulder strap.

All in all a lovely camera has achieved a cult status worldwide. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.


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