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Near Mint! 1937 CARL ZEISS 28mm wide angle lens for  Contax II - Carl Zeiss Jena- Petrakla Classic Cameras

Carl Zeiss Jena

Near Mint! 1937 CARL ZEISS 28mm wide angle lens for Contax II

$ 425.00 USD

Camera not included!

Fits Contax I, II, III, IIa & IIIa

The 2.8cm (28mm) Carl Zeiss Tessar lens was specifically developed for the Contax rangefinder cameras as a wide angle lens. In the 1930’s 28mm was considered exceptionally wide and this lens quickly became popular with professionals who could afford it. It was constructed of high quality, chrome plated brass, and its quality of fit and finish is still evident even 80 years later. Simply stated it is a VERY lovely lens and it’s a real gem for a prewar Contax camera collection. As with all 28mm lenses, it’s great for capturing large epic scenes, as well dramatic close ups. Because of its versatility and compact size, nearly all the great WWII war correspondents carried this lens as part of their regular kit when using a Contax.

This serial number (2078010) indicates that this lens was produced in Germany in 1937 at a time when the world looked incredible different than it does today. This lens will fit the Contax I, II, III, IIa & IIIa. (But will naturally also fit other cameras with this Contax mount.)

This glass in this lens is exceptionally clean and clear. There is no crystallization, separated elements or other problems. There are no scratches or cleaning marks and it’s capable of producing lovely images with modern color and B&W films.

All in all, an lovely wide-angle lens in near mint condition for your classic Contax camera. Perfect for photographers with a historical interest or WWII reenactors.

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