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Excellent! Beautiful Pentacon / Meyer-Optik f4.0 300mm lens for 6x6, 35mm & digital formats. - Pentacon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Excellent! Beautiful Pentacon / Meyer-Optik f4.0 300mm lens for 6x6, 35mm & digital formats.

$ 225.00 USD

A superb Orestegor design lens

The Meyer-Optik lenses are true cult classics and are well loved by artists and fine art photographers. These lenses are famous for their fine artistic rendering, delicate tonality, beautiful color and superb bokeh. In fact many fans lovingly refer to them as the “Bokeh monsters”.

This particular lens is considered by many to be one of the best. It’s the big 4/300mm version which features the superb Orestegor lens design, a 19 blade aperture (to create perfectly round highlights) and it produces an image circle large enough for medium format use. The lens also features a nice rotating tripod mound. This later version was sold under the “Pentacon” label and retain the original optics and lovely multi-bladed aperture but are reputed to have improved coating.

This lens comes complete with a front and rear caps, a lens case and a small lens hood. (Lens hood is slightly dented.)

This 300mm lens has an interchangeable mount which is designed to be very easy to change. Switching between mounts literally takes just a few seconds. There were many different mounts produced by the factory. The most common mounts are P-6, m42 and Exakta. These mounts allow this lens to be used on many different cameras.

This lens is currently fitted with a P-6 lens mount. This fits the Praktisix, Pentacon Six, Exakta 66 and Kiev/ Kneb 6x6 medium format cameras.

BTW, original m-42 lens mounts for this lens show up regularly on eBay. It allows this lens to be used on 35mm Pentax screw cameras (and many other cameras that use this mount.) Additionally there are inexpensive adapters available, which allow m-42 lenses to be used on a wide variety of digital and analog cameras.

The lens is in excellent condition with only minor specks of internal dust, but this won’t have any effect on performance. Everything works as it should. The glass is beautiful and looks like new. There are no scratches, cleaning marks and it’s capable of producing lovely photos. It has beautiful bokeh. Open up the lens or narrow the depth of field by getting closer and the focus rolls on and off silky smooth as cream… Soft out of focus foreground moves lovingly into sharp focus on your subject matter and then off again into gently blurred background. There are few lenses that do it as nicely as this. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, well then you’re in for a treat….

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