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Super Nettel

This is the Zeiss-Ikon Super Nettel produced between 1934 - 1937 in prewar Germany. It was a luxurious 35mm coupled rangefinder camera with a focal plane shutter. The shutter was complex and closely related to the design used in the Contax I. Because of that similarity and its quality construction and original high retail price, the Super Nettel should be viewed as a smaller, more pocketable companion to the black Contax I camera. In any case it's a relatively rare and desirable camera which is very difficult to find in working condition.  

It features an attractive black lacquer and black leather exterior and a lens surround with a hint of art deco styling. This example is fitted with 3.5/50mm Zeiss Triotar lens which is based on the classic Cooke triplet design. (Stopped down triplet lenses are very sharp and at wider openings they produce an attractive retro look combined with excellent background bokeh.)

Here are some sample photos taken with a Super Nettel we had the pleasure of servicing. The owner hails from the Netherlands and he was kind enough to share his photos with us. The film used is Kodak color print 400. Copyright 2021 Albert Kampermann. All rights reserved.