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1955 Voigtlander Perkeo

This is the postwar Voigtlander Perkeo 6x6 camera. It uses 120 roll film. It’s one of the smallest 6x6 cameras ever produced but of course that isn’t surprising, given that ‘Perkeo’ means dwarf in German. It was produced from 1950 until approximately 1955 in Germany. It features an attractive satin chrome finish, rounded lens door and rounded corners to allow you to easily slip it into a pocket. There were two versions and buyers could choose one of two lenses, but all of them perform well. This example is fitted with Vaskar lens based on the classic Cooke triplet design. (Stopped down triplet lenses are very sharp and at wider openings they produce an attractive retro look combined with excellent background bokeh.)
Here are some sample photos taken with a circa 1955 Perkeo which we had the pleasure of servicing. The owner hails from the Netherlands and he was kind enough to share his photos with us. Copyright 2021 Peter de Groot. All rights reserved. The colors were slightly adjusted after scanning.