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1938 Welta Weltur, 6x6/ 6x4.5 DUAL Format Coupled Rangefinder Camera


The Welta Weltur was a high end medium format, coupled rangefinder camera that was produced in Germany from 1935 thru 1940 by Welta Kamera-Werke. At that time Welta was well known and well respected for its quality products. The fit, finish and performance of this camera was outstanding and it competed successfully against Zeiss-Ikon and Voitlander for the attention of affluent buyers. The Weltur was one of the cameras that marked the high point of European camera development for the pre-war era.

For your viewing pleasure here are some sample photos taken with a 1938 Welta Weltur, 6x6/ 6x4.5 Dual Format Coupled Rangefinder which we had the pleasure of servicing. The current owner hails from sunny California and she was kind enough to share her photos on this site.  These photos are Copyright 2016 Naomi Drew. All rights reserved.

The first row of photos were taken on Kodak Ektar 100, color print film. The second row were taken on Kodak Portra, color print film. And the third row was taken Photo's produced on Fuji Velvia, slide film and cross processed in C41 and then scanned to produce a monochrome print.

Photo's produced on Kodak Ektar 100 iso.

Photo produced on Kodak Portra

Photo's produced on Fuji Velvia cross processed in C41