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1937 Leitz Leica II

This a version of the Leitz Leica II in a satin chrome version. When most people think of a classic screw mount Leica, this is the camera that almost always comes to mind. Sleek, beautiful and a joy to use, it’s a 35mm coupled rangefinder German camera which accepted interchangeable screw mount lenses. The chrome Leica II was Introduced in 1933 and production continued in various guises until the late 1950’s. Back in the 1930’s chrome was considered a luxury material and a chrome Leica cost significantly more than the black versions. As a result there were actually less chrome cameras produced than the black lacquer versions.

The Leica II helped establish the importance of 35mm photography to the world. Superb, light and modestly sized, a Leica could be taken anywhere. Even today, a well maintained Leica is a reliable companion and a true joy to use. I have owned and used many fine cameras but the Leica II is at the top, of my top ten list of enjoyable vintage cameras.

 These photos were taken with this 1937 Leica II which we enjoyed servicing and having in our shop. It’s fitted with its original chrome plated Leitz f3.5/50mm Elmar lens. The little Elmar is a preeminent lens of the prewar era and created a look that captured an era. The current owner hails from Germany and he was kind enough to share his photos with us which demonstrate this 82 year old camera works very nicely with Ilford FP4 and Delta 400 film which has been processed to create a vintage look.  These photos were taken in Germany (Berchtesgaden Alps, the Allgäu & Regensburg)  Copyright 2019 Florian Müller. All rights reserved.