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1936 Frank & Heidecke Rolleiflex “Old Standard”

This is an original “Old Standard” Rolleiflex produced by Frank & Heidecke in Germany between 1932 to 1938. It was the very first Rolleiflex specifically designed to use 120 roll film. (The previous model in addition to being rather fragile, had used 117 roll film, which only produced six 6x6 exposures per roll.) The Old Standard was a very successful design and put Rolleiflex on the map. It defined what a great medium format TLR was capable of achieving and the features it needed to do this. Many of these cameras were used by war photographers during WWII and subsequently worn out or lost in action… This camera was very significant historically. Over eighty years later, it can be difficult to find exceptionally clean, fully functional examples.

These photos were taken with the “Old Standard” Rolleiflex which we had the pleasure of having in our shop. It’s fitted with a 3.5/7,5cm (75mm) Carl Zeiss Tessar lens. The happy owner hails from Germany and he was kind enough to share his photos with us.  Thanks Florian.  

 These photos were taken on a smooth grained B&W print film. Ilford HP5+ developed in a small German lab with Kodak XTOL. Copyright 2020 Florian Müller. All rights reserved. You can find more of his photos here: