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1936 Ihagee 6x9 Auto-Ultrix

The Ihagee Auto-Ultrix was an attractive folding camera with a uniquely shaped set of folding struts, and radial arm focusing. It was called the Automat because it had a self-erecting lens stand. (The earlier Ultrix cameras had a simpler two stage system that required you to open the lens door and pull out the lens stand manually.) It was scale focused and the radial arm was used to turn a helix that allowed the lens and shutter to move back and forth as a unit. 

This example was fitted with a Compur and an Ihagee f4.5/ 105mm Anastigmat, which is a triplet based on the classic Cooke design. The photos were taken on Ilford Delta 100 Pro, developed Kodak D76. The current owner hails from Thessalon, Canada and he was kind enough to share his photos with us.  Copyright 2020 Diederik Müller. All rights reserved.