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1935 Zeiss-Ikon Super Ikonta C

The Super Ikonta C was a high-end medium format, coupled rangefinder camera. It was produced in Germany from 1933 to 1955 by Zeiss-Ikon. It uses 120 roll film to produce 6x9 format negatives. (It can also produce smaller 6x4.5 negatives if you use an accessory reduction mask.)  It's a wonderful design and it’s well known for its excellent performance. A properly serviced and adjusted Super Ikonta is a joy to use and they've kept photographers all around the world smiling for over 80 years. Get one, and you'll have something that'll last a lifetime and keep you smiling the whole while.   

Here are some sample photos taken with a 1935 6x9 Super Ikonta C which we had the pleasure of acquiring, servicing, and helping it find a new home. The owner hails from the Netherlands and he was kind enough to share his photos with us. Copyright 2021 Peter de Groot. All rights reserved. The photos are straight scans of his results with no digital adjustments or sharpening.