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Original Welta Perfekta / Super Perfekta camera case - Welta- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Original Welta Perfekta / Super Perfekta camera case

$ 85.00 USD

Camera not included.


The Welta Perfekta cameras were very unusual twin lens reflex cameras that could be folded into a very conveniently sized package. The idea of course was to provide photographers with a tool that had all the features of a TLR, without having to carry a camera which had the shape and size of a brick.

These cameras were only produced briefly from approximately 1934 to 1939. They are now very desirable hard to find collector items. The only thing that’s more difficult to find than the camera is a decent original leather case. Fortunately for someone out there we have a case for you.

In this listing we have a rare original brown leather case, with the name Welta embossed onto it. I think that it’s for the 6x6 Perfekta (rather than the larger 6x9 Super Perfekta) but you’ll have to rely on your own judgement since I’m not sure. Please choose wisely grasshopper, because I will not accept return on this item. 

Overall the length of the case is approximately 18 cm long. It’s in pretty good shape especially considering it’s 85 years old. The leather is in good shape and has an attractive patina. However the stitching is loose, so we recommend having it re-stitched if you intend to use it.  

BTW, the photo below has been ‘borrowed’ from the internet. It’s just here to show what a Perfekta looks like. Obviously this listing is for a camera case only. A camera is NOT included.

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