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NEAR MINT! Circa 1928 Zeiss-Ikon Cocarette Camera with Tessar lens, CLA’d, Freshly Serviced! - Zeiss-Ikon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


NEAR MINT! Circa 1928 Zeiss-Ikon Cocarette Camera with Tessar lens, CLA’d, Freshly Serviced!

$ 245.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use

This is a Zeiss-Ikon 519/2 Cocarette in near mint condition. It’s a fine quality German camera produced between 1926 -1930. It has a jewel like build with tasteful twin alloy trim on either side of the camera, lovely pebbled Moroccan leather featuring paired embossed lines that accentuate the geometric nature of the camera.

And for those of you interested in unusual design features… the camera doesn’t have a door. Instead, the film is wound on a special sub-unit which is slid in through the bottom. It’s a bit like a Leica screw mount cameras, only much easier.

The camera in wonderful condition and is one of the cleanest example I’ve seen in recent years. (Please see photos.) This Cocarette uses 120 roll film and it easily slips into a jacket pocket or a back pack and yet folds out to take 8 beautiful 6x9 exposures on normal 120 roll film. So if you’ve been looking for a fine vintage camera that you can actually use, then this may be the one. You can be assured of a lot of fun, as well as admiring nods from people and interesting conversations.

The camera has been carefully cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Everything works smoothly. It’s equipped with a quality Compur shutter. The shutter works well and all speeds (T,B & 1 sec - 1/250th) are appropriate. The slow speeds buzz along smoothly and the fast speeds are clean and snappy. The bellows are soft, supple and light tight.

The lens a lovely 4.5/10.5cm (105mm) Dominar Anastigmat (a classic design based on the Cooke triplet with three lens elements in three groups). The lens is exceptionally clean looks like new! It's free of scratches or polishing marks and is capable of producing lovely photos with modern color and B&W films.

All in all a wonderful gem of a classic camera.

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