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Rare! 1934 Voigtlander 3x4 Perkeo, 127 film, CLA'd, Freshly Serviced!


Rare! 1934 Voigtlander 3x4 Perkeo, 127 film, CLA'd, Freshly Serviced!

$ 395.00 USD

Cleaned, Lubricated & Adjusted. Ready for immediate use!

This is a prewar Voigtlander Perkeo camera. It's the model with the folding viewfinder. Originally designed as the smallest member of the Inos model line-up, its diminutive size was so endearing that employees fondly referred to it as the “perkeo”. (Perkeo is the German word for dwarf.) It was such a suitable description of this little camera, that the name stuck. And it is a little. Despite its relatively large 3x4 format, this camera is only a slightly larger than the original 35mm black Retina of the same era.

The serial number of the lens indicates that it was produced in 1934. This camera produces sixteen 3x4 exposers on a single roll of 127 film. In case you’re wondering, 127 film is still available on the internet. In the early 1930’s the 127 format was very popular with photographers. Due to the relatively large negative and the compact size of the cameras many photographers actually preferred them to the early 35mm cameras. These cameras were also used extensively during WWII due to their small size, large negatives and whisper quiet shutters. To put it into perspective, this camera is only slightly larger than the original Kodak Retina cameras of the same era.  

This rare Perkeo model is complete with its original little braided leather strap. (These straps are even harder to find than the camera!) Personally I’m fond of its 1930’s Science Fiction, Flash Gordon kind of look. It has attractive dials and buttons and a complex looking depth of field chart. The two pierced dials, used to focus the camera and advance the film, have a fine gripable texture while at the same time providing the camera with a unique look. It's a look that was rather fashionable at a time when Zeppelins and aircraft design were at the cutting edge of technology and that technology was obsessed with losing weight and mass with lightening holes and grooves.

Not satisfied with just good looks, Voigtlander also arranged things in such a way that you can even focus the camera when it is closed. The focus can be preset whenever desired and when the camera is opened, the lens automatically slides out of the body to the correct focus, allowing you as a photographer to concentrate on finding the right composition and the decisive moment. Used properly, a shot could be taken within seconds of unfolding it, combining compact size with speed.

This camera has been carefully cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. The spring-loaded bellows automatically slide forward when the camera is opened as it should. The bellows are soft and supple and are completely light tight. The quality Compur shutter works as it should and all speeds (T, B & 1 sec - 1/300) are appropriate.

The lens is a f3.5/5,5cm (55mm) Skopar. It’s a top quality four element lens similar in design and performance to the Zeiss Tessar. The glass is in exceptionally fine condition. It’s clean and clear, there are no scratches, no cleaning marks and it’s capable of producing beautiful photos with modern color and B&W films.

All in all a lovely rare little camera. A perfect addition to your collection and a perfect companion in the hunt for the perfect photo.

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