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9 SUPERB Zeiss Ikon Contax I II III IIa IIIa manuals and much more, PDFs DOWNLOAD! - Zeiss-Ikon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


9 SUPERB Zeiss Ikon Contax I II III IIa IIIa manuals and much more, PDFs DOWNLOAD!

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If you’ve seen our shop before you’ll know that we enjoy collecting, servicing and using classic cameras. Collecting is a real passion for us and we search everywhere to find interesting cameras for your collections, as well as our own. For years we’ve regularly received emails asking us if we can provide manuals and information about the wonderful Contax rangefinder cameras.

Well, as promised, we’ve finally organized a large collection of information as well as scanning our extensive library of original items to create a unique Contax download. In it you’ll find instruction manuals, user booklets, information about lens, various accessories and original prices. There are also countless charming period illustrations & fine photos that can clear up questions that you may have and help identify models. In short, this download contains many hours of reading that is both informative as well as occasionally amusing. It will give you an excellent insight into the rich history of this amazing camera and how far we have developed in the seventy years since the Contax rangefinder camera was originally introduced in 1932.

In addition to manuals for the pre-war models I, II and III we’ve included manuals for the post-war Contax IIa and IIIa, as well as a manual for the Contax S & Contax D (which of course helped pioneer the features and the look & feel of the modern 35mm SLR).

The download features high quality scans in a PDF format that makes it very easy to print up the information or manual of your choice cleanly and clearly. Instead of surfing the internet, dealing with illegible reprints or buying one manual at a time, you’ll have everything at your finger tips. In one easy purchase you’ll have access to information and hard to find documentation that’s taken us many years to acquire.In total there are 187 files with over 500 MB’s of information.

To give you an idea of what’s available to you on it, here’s a complete list of the contents:

Contax general

Contax and Accessories Pricelist 1941.pdf (Brochure, 6 Pages, English, ++)

Contax Brochure.pdf (Brochure, 32 pages, German, ++)

Contax Brochure Contax IIa, IIIa, Contax lenses, finders and other accessories.pdf (Brochure, 23 Pages English ++)

Contax I

Instructions for Contax I 1935.pdf (Manual 56 Pages English ++)

Der Kenner und der Contax.pdf (Manual 65 Pages German ++)

Produckt Folder.pdf (Brochure 2 Pages German ++)

Contax II and III

Gebrauchsanweisung fur die Contax II.pdf (Manual 40 Pages German ++)

Instructions for Contax II and III English 1948.pdf (Manual 32 Pages English ++)

Contax IIa

Contax IIa Manual .pdf (Manual 32 Pages English ++)

Contax IIIa (applicable to the Contax IIa)

Instruction book Contax IIIa .pdf (Manual 39 Pages English ++)

Contax S and D

Instructions for using the Contax S and D.pdf (Manual 22 Pages English ++)

Contax with Zeiss lenses

Contax with Zeiss lenses.pdf (Manual 52 Pages English ++)

Contax Reproduktionsgerat

Gebrauchsanweisung Spezial-Reproduktiongerat Nr 5520-1.pdf (Manual 5 Pages German ++)

Contax Ad's

The ideal miniature for all subjects .pdf (Ad 1 Page English -+)

A new concept in.pdf (Ad 1 Page English -+)

Do you know what this is.pdf (Ad 1 Page English -+)

A striking note.pdf (Ad 1 Page English -+)

Contax II & accessoires ad.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax II ad 2.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax II ad.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax-III ad 2.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax-III ad 3.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax-III ad.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Delayed action release.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Minatures.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Sliding wedges ad.pdf (Ad 1 Page English ++)

Contax I ad 2.pdf (Ad 1 Page English +/-)

Contax I ad.pdf (Ad 1 Page English +)

A list of Zeiss-Ikon productions codes to help date your prewar Contax

Camera photos

Big beautiful high resolution photos (156) of Contax cameras and accessories (currently in our collection or previously sold by us.)

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