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Custom Petrakla Nikon Nippon Kogaku body cap, one grey or black, Free shipping! - Petrakla Classic Cameras- Petrakla Classic Cameras

Petrakla Classic Cameras

Custom Petrakla Nikon Nippon Kogaku body cap, one grey or black.

$ 19.50 USD

One of the recurrent problems for Nikon rangefinder camera owners is finding a body cap for these lovely cameras. Body caps are of course useful if you want to take an extra body along with you, loaded with a different type of film. They’re also very handy if you have a number of vintage Nikon cameras that you’d like to store without the lenses, so that they don’t take up too much room. 

If you’ve been looking for them you’ll know that it's impossible to find a Nikon rangefinder body cap. We’ve been collecting and using vintage cameras for over 45 years and I have never seen a one. Either they are incredibly rare or they simply never existed. 

However as enthusiasts, we decided it was time that someone did take time to bother with one. So we designed a 3D printed cap that locks securely into the internal lens mount. We’ve tested them on a number of our own cameras and we’re pretty happy with them. So I think you’ll enjoy them too.

The price above is for a one (1) body cap. No charge for shipping. We produce them in grey and black. When ordering, please indicate your color choice. (Personally I like the grey one best!)

 By the way, if you want a body cap for one of the “the other” rangefinder cameras let us know and we’ll send you a plain faced cap without a logo. 

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