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A Custom Rear Lens Cap for the 50mm Contax rangefinder lens! One grey or black.

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A Custom Rear Lens Cap for the 50mm Contax rangefinder lens! One grey or black.

$ 15.95 USD

One of the recurrent problems for Contax rangefinder owners is finding a rear lens cap that doesn’t fall off the standard 50mm lens once you’ve removed it from the body. It sounds like a simple task, stay on the rear of my 50mm Zeiss lens and protect the glass from scratches and dirt while I use another lens.  However rear caps are rare and if you’ve ever managed to find an original metal rear lens cap you’ll know why. They slip off easily and tend to get lost or stepped on. Which of course explains why they’re hard to find.

So if you’ve ever removed your 50mm lens and stood around with it in your hand and wondering how best to take care of it, here’s a suggestion. Use this custom cap. It’s especially designed by us to stay in place. It’s 3D printed, attractive and does a good job of protecting your 50mm lens. It also comes with a self-adhesive felt strip that can be customed tailored by you to control how snug or lose you want to have it. We also include an extra felt strip incase you ever want to replace it.   

These caps will also fit the rear of all 50mm Contax rangefinder lenses. That includes the collapsible lenses too. (On small collapsible lenses you’ll have to extend the lens mount “collar” and twist to lock it, so that the cap has can cover it.)

We’ve been collecting and using vintage cameras for over 45 years and as enthusiasts, we decided it was time that someone finally took the time to come up with a decent cap. We’ve tested them on a number of our own cameras and we’re pretty happy with them. So we think you’ll enjoy them too.

The price above is for a one (1) rear lens cap. No charge for shipping. We produce them in grey and black. When ordering, please indicate your color choice. (Personally I like the grey one best!)

Free shipping!

The price is for one (1) rear lens cap. Please indicate your color choice.

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