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Custom Petrakla 35mm to 120 Roll Film Adapter Set. Free shipping! - Petrakla Classic Cameras- Petrakla Classic Cameras

Petrakla Classic Cameras

Custom Petrakla 35mm to 120 Roll Film Adapter Set.

$ 22.95 USD

One complete, three piece set. Your choice of color.

This set of  3D printed adapters  will allow you to use standard 35mm film in a 120 roll film camera.

Basically the two “buttons” go on either side of a roll of 35mm film. This gives it the correct length to fit into the camera. The film is pulled over the 6x9, 6x6 or 6x4.5 film gate inside your camera. And as you probably guessed, the larger spool is used on the wind up side of the camera. The exposed film will of course be wound onto this spool.

Now why would anyone do this? Because some people enjoy experimenting and playing around with their vintage cameras. Others like the long panorama photos this process produces. And some of the artistic types among us like the look of photos with complete sprocket holes. (Because in this process the entire film is used, including the area around the sprocket holes.)

Are there drawbacks to this process? Certainly. You have to cover up the red counter window(s) on your camera to protect the 35mm film. (Because 35mm film doesn’t have numbered backing paper to protect the way 120 film does).

Also keep in mind that film winding is by estimation, since your camera wasn’t designed for 35mm film. Most people just count the number of turns that will be needed for each new exposure. The exact number will depend on your application, because the desired format (6x9,6x6 & 6x4.5) and the exact design of your camera will determine how many turns you’ll need. So you’ll need to experiment a bit. However therein lays some of the fun. You have to be a bit adventurous and experimental to want to do this…! So go out and have some fun. Oh yeah and maybe you’ll even impress your friends with the weird thing you’re doing with that old camera of yours!

Greetings, Peter & Petra

BTW, You can find more info about using 35mm film in vintage 120 cameras all over the internet.

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