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Nikon Nikkor 1.8/50mm AF lens (Japan) with original box and packaging. - Nikon- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Nikon Nikkor 1.8/50mm AF lens (Japan) with original box and packaging.

$ 125.00 USD

This is a Nikkor 50mm AF lens. It’s a good lens with an excellent reputation, an excellent rendition and has background Bokeh that’s significantly better than the faster versions of this lens. The 1.8/50 is fast, it’s sharp, it snaps into focus quickly, it has a friendly price and it’s supremely useful. It works well on both film and digital cameras and although designed primarily as an auto-focus lens, focus and aperture setting can be easily set manually. (Unlike the G" version, this lens has a aperture ring. The "G"lacks this feature.)

 Personally I like using a 50mm lens like this on a DSLR where the crop factor effectively turns it into a very fast 75mm lens. A focal length of approximately 75mm really hits the sweet spot for me. it’s wide enough to keep everything in context, yet it easily allows me to frame people, faces and details that catch my eye. Basically it’s a great walk around lens and a great way to filter out the extraneous clutter that often intrudes on interesting compositions. 

 It comes complete with a Nikon front cap and a generic rear cap.

This lens is in excellent condition and everything works as it should. The glass looks like new, it’s clean and clear. There are no scratches or cleaning marks and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it.  

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