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Superb Coated 1938 Leitz Elmar 3.5/50mm Elmar lens.


Superb Coated 1938 Leitz Elmar 3.5/50mm Elmar lens.

$ 375.00 USD

(camera not included)

For Leica screw mount bodies.

This is a somewhat rare coated prewar 3.5/50mm Leitz Elmar lens and it’s unusual in that the glass is coated. (Please see photos) Normally Leitz prewar lenses were of course uncoated because the coating process was proprietary technique invented by Zeiss and used on their German military optics during WWII.

After the war however and through the 1950’s it was possible to return Leicas and lenses to Leitz and have them upgraded to the latest specifications. In addition to this, there were a number of optical firms that specialized in coating lenses for discerning photographers. So either one of these options were possible and if desired, lenses could be disassembled, cleaned, coated and reassembled.

I’ve been told that relatively few prewar elmar lenses were coated and as a result they can be difficult to find.  The nice thing about all of this is that the coating doesn’t change the optical signature of the lens, so you end up with a lens with produces an attractive vintage look but is easier to use and less likely to flare. This makes it an ideal lens for a photographer (such as a WWII reenactor) who want to work and shoot with a vintage lens regularly.

The serial number 476697 indicates that it was produced in Germany in 1938. The lens is in excellent condition. It mounts onto a camera easily, focuses smoothly and the aperture adjustment tab moves smoothly as well. The glass is very clean and clear. There are no scratches, just some light cleaning wisps (which are only visible under magnification) and it’s capable of producing very lovely photos on modern color and B&W films.

It comes complete with Leitz lens cap

All in all, a desirable lens with that special Leica character that will perfectly fit your early screw mount Leica.

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