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Original Photavit leather camera case - Photavit- Petrakla Classic Cameras


Original Photavit leather camera case

$ 45.00 USD

The Photavit was a very small camera produced in Germany that was designed to produce square 24x24 negatives on standard 35mm film loaded into special Photavit cartridges. Film was drawn from the supply cartridge to the take-up cartridge with no need to rewind. When the roll is finished and the camera is opened and reloaded, the empty supple cartridge then serves as the new take up cartridge

In this listing we have a lovely red leather case for such a camera, with the name Photavit embossed onto it. This case fits the 24x24 models (later cameras were larger and had a 24x36 format).  Although I believe that this case will fit most of the small 24x24 models, I’m not sure because Photavit falls outside my area of expertise. So please use your own best judgement.

Overall, the top of the case is approximately 10.3 cm long. The height is 7.7 cm. This is one of the nicest Photavit cases I’ve seen in recent years. The stitching, lining, snap and strap are in great shape.

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