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One brown leather wrist strap for vintage cameras. Free Shipping! - Petrakla Classic Cameras- Petrakla Classic Cameras

Petrakla Classic Cameras

One brown leather wrist strap for vintage cameras.

$ 12.95 USD

Weird or wonderful, rare or popular, expensive or affordable... 
your favorite camera deserves a good strap.

This is a nice little treat for your favorite photographic companion. The one that you tend to take everywhere... It’s a brand new, brown leather wrist strap that matches the overall look and finish of your vintage camera very nicely. Complete with a small leather guard to help protect the corner and lovely “old school” hand stitching securing it in place, it looks right at home on many collectables. Additionally there is nothing on the strap to accidental damage or scratch your camera. No sharp edged metal buttons, buckles or hooks. Just a simple honest, good looking strap that gets the job done right... Sometimes less really is more!

The overall length of the strap is approximately 22 cm (8.5 inches).

All in all, a lovely wrist strap that may just keep your old friend from dropping out of sight unexpectedly. 

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